Flatbreads with mango chutney

Home made flatbreads

Instead of using a pre-made naan bread, make homemade flat breads with the kids.  They can happily get messy in the kitchen and enjoy squidging, rolling and shaping the dough themselves.  These flatbreads only require a few ingredients (which you might have in the cupboard anyway?!) and don’t need any yeast: so no waiting for the bread to rise.  Fresh flatbreads taste so much better … Continue reading Home made flatbreads

Meals and makes chocolate snowballs

Chocolate snowballs

These are a fun Christmas treat to make with kids and an easy activity to keep them busy over the holidays.  These chocolate snowballs are a twist on the milk chocolate rice crispy cakes I used to enjoy making when I was little.  If you can find the mini cake cases, this makes it easier to make the snowballs (and the finished snowball looks neater), … Continue reading Chocolate snowballs