Cheat’s mango meringue mess

An easy, treat pudding full of sunshine!  This is a twist on Eton Mess, to enjoy while we wait for the English strawberries to grow.  This is a cheat because it uses shop-bought meringues and tinned mango (which saves a great deal of time and effort).  Its nice to use a ripe mango for this, but if you can only find green rocks (that taste … Continue reading Cheat’s mango meringue mess

Popping bonfire toffee cakes

Popping bonfire toffee cakes

Whoosh, pop, bang!  With bonfire night looming; make these (gently) explosive treats to keep you going, while you stand outside and wait for the fireworks to be lit.  Guaranteed make any firework party go with a…’pop’!!  This might not be the best recipe to cook with kids- as the toffee gets so hot- but they can help with the garnish and will enjoy eating it! … Continue reading Popping bonfire toffee cakes

Meals and makes chocolate snowballs

Chocolate snowballs

These are a fun Christmas treat to make with kids and an easy activity to keep them busy over the holidays.  These chocolate snowballs are a twist on the milk chocolate rice crispy cakes I used to enjoy making when I was little.  If you can find the mini cake cases, this makes it easier to make the snowballs (and the finished snowball looks neater), … Continue reading Chocolate snowballs

Family recipe for apple crumble

Snow White’s favourite: Apple crumble

Ok, so I know Snow White choked on an apple, but who wouldn’t like the fruit that lead them to meet their handsome prince (also, if she had cooked the apples in a delicious crumble she would have found them easier to eat!!)! This family pudding recipe is simple and can be popped in the oven while you eat your main.  Its nice and soft … Continue reading Snow White’s favourite: Apple crumble