Grilled chicken with celeriac mash

Grilled chicken with celeriac mash

  This is a great midweek family meal.  It is quick to make and you could use whatever vegetables are in season (or whichever are on your children’s list of accepted veggies of the moment!!).  The celeriac gives a delicate aniseed flavour to the mash which is nice for a change and is a gentle introduction to this flavour for kids; without being too overpowering … Continue reading Grilled chicken with celeriac mash

Cheese and ham tarts

Cheese and ham tarts with potato salad

These tarts are very simple and you can change the topping depending on the tastes of the members of your family.  This is a recipe I enjoy cooking with my daughters it is very quick and simple.  These tarts are also nice served cold for lunch the next day (good in picnics!). Ingredients 300g new potatoes (Charlotte potatoes work well) 1 pack of ready rolled … Continue reading Cheese and ham tarts with potato salad

Sticky chicken with noodles

St Clements sticky chicken

  Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clements….  This nursery rhyme inspired dish has similarities to the lemon chicken dish found in Chinese takeaways.  This is a good dish for all the family;  The honey in the marinade balances well with the citrus flavours and stops them from being too acidic for younger palates.  The cooked, grilled chicken can be eaten cold (without … Continue reading St Clements sticky chicken

Family chicken korma

Family friendly curry: Korma chameleon

This mild korma curry recipe is a Chameleon because it can easily change from a child freindly, fragrant and delicately spiced dish, into a grown up, spicy curry with good chilli kick.  The coconut milk makes this recipe very creamy and gives a mildly sweet and nutty flavour to the curry sauce (it also makes it dairy free!). You could omit the chicken to make … Continue reading Family friendly curry: Korma chameleon

Meals and Makes family meatballs recipe

Hungry caveman beef boulder meatballs

These super meatballs are so easy to make because you just bake them in the oven (no messy frying).  Kids can get involved in the cooking by helping to shape the balls.  The beetroot in this family freindly recipe gives the sauce a deep purple/red colour.  It also adds a touch of sweetness to the tomatoes, which can sometimes be a bit acidic.  The meatballs … Continue reading Hungry caveman beef boulder meatballs