10 things to do in October

I love autumn, it is a season of change: the air smells different, the weather gets chilly and leaves on the trees turn.  Of course, there is half term to fill and Halloween is a brilliant theme for some creativity.  Here are our top 10 things to do in October: Nature walk and leaf picture. On a bright, chilly autumn afternoon, its nice to go … Continue reading 10 things to do in October

Rolled green spinach pancake

Gluten free, dairy free spooky green pancakes

Feed your little ghouls with this ideal meal for a Halloween teatime.  The recipe was given to me by my cousin who’s son is coeliac (thanks Julie!).  Pancakes are always a fun treat and the green colour of these is fantastic- its a brilliant way to get kids to eat their greens too!  These pancakes are delicious with grated cheese (goats cheese goes well) and … Continue reading Gluten free, dairy free spooky green pancakes

Cheat’s mango meringue mess

An easy, treat pudding full of sunshine!  This is a twist on Eton Mess, to enjoy while we wait for the English strawberries to grow.  This is a cheat because it uses shop-bought meringues and tinned mango (which saves a great deal of time and effort).  Its nice to use a ripe mango for this, but if you can only find green rocks (that taste … Continue reading Cheat’s mango meringue mess

Family recipes: potato and onion oven bake

Potato and onion oven bake

  Happy new year!  With frosty mornings and chilly nights, my girls need hot and filling meals to keep them energised.  This is a ‘throw it in the oven and get on with something else’ sort of  recipe (so ideal for looking after children at the same time!).  Once the slicing is done, kids can help with putting the dish together.  Its an ideal family … Continue reading Potato and onion oven bake