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Make it Monthly!: August

Welcome to my first ‘Make it Monthly linky’! Make it Monthly is a lovely craft/ diy themed linky, which has been hosted by Sarah at her wonderful blog, Whimsical Mumblings. She has very kindly allowed me to join her in hosting the linky, so here it is! Make it Monthly is a friendly place to proudly share all of your brilliant creations.  Whether its home … Continue reading Make it Monthly!: August

Image of smelling sensory bags for kids

Smelling sensory bags

I think smell is such an undervalued sense, even though it is so closely linked with our sense of taste.  Smells evoke memories just as strongly as music and photographs (the smell of suncream is an instant ‘holiday’ fix, and aromas of cinnamon and dried fruits are so ‘Christmassy’) and yet we don’t treasure them in the same way.  We cant expect babies to suddenly … Continue reading Smelling sensory bags

Three kids activity kits from Meals and Makes

Little packs of foodie fun: Available now!

In need of some rainy day activities for the summer holidays? Or a stimulating, creative gift?  Look no further than the Meals and Makes activity kits! Here are three activity packs, all with a fun foodie theme and fully loaded with ‘Meals and Makes’ to get kids cooking; positively encouraging food happiness.  Each of the packs include recipes and creative makes which are simple and … Continue reading Little packs of foodie fun: Available now!

Finished ice-cream cross stitch project.

Sewing kits from Meals and Makes!

  Kids can take their minds off of the stresses of school with these two relaxing and satisfying sewing craft kits.  They are ideal for a long journey or weekend away because they are compact and everything you need is included.  Each CE marked craft kit has easy to follow instructions, along with a stitch guide and recipe.  There are two kits:  Ice cream cross … Continue reading Sewing kits from Meals and Makes!