Welcome to Meals and Makes!

I hope you will find some new ideas here for feeding your family.  I like to make meals that are fast, unfussy and tasty.  I have always tried to give my daughters food that is (mostly!) home cooked and full of variety.  Hopefully this will encourage them to enjoy their food and not be afraid to try something new.

Along with the ‘meals’ are the ‘makes’ which are crafts or similar activities for young children.  These are related to the dishes.  You could use these to keep the kids amused while the dinner is cooking or just as inspiration when boredom  strikes.  These ‘makes’ are purposefully easy to throw together at the drop of a hat, rather than needing lots of planning and prep (there is never any time for that!).

Enjoy taking your family on a fun food adventure!




Please note that we enjoy the recipes and activities that I post, but you might need to adjust them to suit your family and their dietary requirements.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kate your site looks lovely, I look forward to trying a few things with my 2. My sister and I have just started a website which is all about baby led weaning and getting children to start eating healthily from 6 months. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


  2. This looks lovely – Helen and I are looking forward to trying out some of the makes and the meals!
    Thank you, Elaine xx


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