Red sensory play

How about a Valentines themed sensory play?  Water beads are a great sensory activity and these red ones are perfect for Valentines.  This activity can be enjoyed by different ages at the same time and is not too messy.  Pre-schoolers can help set the activity up, by adding water to the tiny, dry beads and watching them grow.  Toddlers can just dive in once the beads are swollen.

You will need:

Play tray or a washing up bowl


Water beads

Valentines themed sequins

Red (waterproof) toys


  1. The day before you wish to do this activity, add water to your beads in the play tray according to the pack instructions.
  2. Once the beads are swollen, add other items such as hearts/ red sequins/ red toys.  Dive in!

red sensory in bowl


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