Snowflake Christmas card craft

Paper snowflake cards and tags

It might not snow this Christmas, but you can still bring some snowflake magic into your home with this kids craft.  Make some personal Christmas cards; just like snowflakes, each one is unique!  This can be adapted for different ages; toddlers can just stick with some doilies (or you could cut the snowflakes for them), older children can do the cutting themselves.  You can make some miniature versions of these and use them as gift tags or decorations on the Christmas tree.

For the cards:

You will need:


small cups and bowls

white paper (or doilies for younger children)



red card



Drawing a circle on white paper.1.With the pencil, draw around a suitably sized cup or bowl onto your white paper, then cut the circle out.

Kids craft activity for paper snowflakes2.Fold the circle in half, then again and again so that you have a folded cone shape.

Cutting out the snowflake.

3.Cut small shapes out, along the folds and at the top of the cone.  These do not have to be particularly neat.

4.Unfold the paper and you should have a lovely paper snow flake.

5.Fold the red card in half (for the greetings card), stick the snowflakes onto the card.  Repeat until you have a lovely flurry that you are happy with.  Decorate the snowflakes with glitter (but it does look good without too!).

For the tree decorations or gift tags:

You will need:

Everything as above plus a hole punch and some festive ribbon or string.


Use the same method as above but on a much smaller scale.  Cut out small red circles and stick small snowflakes to them.

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the red card and thread some festive ribbon or string through the hole.  Tie this to make a loop for either attaching to presents or hanging on a tree branch.

TIP:  Use different sized circles and squares as the base of your snowflakes to create an interesting snowflake picture.


16 thoughts on “Snowflake Christmas card craft

  1. This is such a great Christmas craft, the contrast between the red and white card/paper looks stunning and really shows off the pattern of your snowflakes. Simple but really effective! #makeitlinky

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