Firework glitter pictures.

Firework glitter placemats

Firework glitter pictures.

Re-create the colour, sparkle and pizazz of firework night with this simple glitter craft for kids.  The fireworks are easy to make and look really effective. These firework pictures make brilliantly glittery place mats for your dining table, to cheer the room up as the nights start drawing in and the weather gets colder.  Alternatively, you could use them as invitations to a firework party.

You will need:

cotton wool buds (enough for the number of people doing the craft to have one each)

A4 black card (one per person)


glitter (in a variety of colours)

sheet of paper or newspaper

gold star stickers

sticky backed plastic (enough to fully cover the front and back of the card).


  1. Using the cotton wool buds, draw some firework shapes onto the black card with the glue (fountain shapes, stars or shooting rockets).
  2. sprinkle glitter over the glue to make the firework.
  3. Tap the glitter off onto your sheet of paper then carefully bend it into a funnel and return the excess glitter to the glitter pot, so that you can re-use it.
  4. Add gold stars to complete your picture.
  5. Leave the picture to dry.  Once the glue is fully dried, cover the picture in sticky backed plastic (to make it wipe-clean and more waterproof) and use it as a sparkly place mat on your dinner table.  This is best done by cutting it to size before removing the paper backing.  Then peel off just one edge of the backing and press the picture down.  Slowly remove the backing, a little at a time- smoothing the plastic onto the picture as you go, to avoid air bubbles.

Before you get crafting, cook up a sweet treat that goes pop: Popping bonfire toffee cakes, that you can nibble on while you make your pictures.

TIP:  Older children might like to add more detail to the picture using a white pencil- maybe some extra stars, the odd rocket, or the heads of onlookers.  You can also make a bonfire by glueing torn up red, orange and yellow tissue paper to the picture.

Cuddle Fairy

22 thoughts on “Firework glitter placemats

  1. Love this idea! I think our four-year-old will be really into fireworks this year, so we may well have a go at these #BloggerClubUK


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