chocolate play dough pretend chocolates

Chocolate play dough

Chocolate play dough

There is a very important thing missing from my blog so far:- Play dough!  This stuff needs no introduction (but Im doing one anyway!).  My girls have enjoyed playing with this from an early age.  Its such a relaxing, creative activity.  Ideal for when the weather is bad.  Making your own play dough is just as fun as playing with it (and hopefully you have all the things for this recipe in your cupboard anyway).  My chocolate play dough does not need food colouring because it is coloured naturally by the cocoa powder.  As well as looking like chocolate, this play dough also smells deliciously chocolatey- so its a full sensory experience!  Mould and squidge with this as normal or turn it into a longer imaginary play activity and create a mini chocolate factory or shop.

You will need:


28g cocoa powder

57g salt

170g flour

1 tbsp vegetable oil

200ml just boiled water

decorations (if you are making play chocolates) such as beads, mini cake cases, empty chocolate box, sequins, extra cocoa powder for dusting, small silicon moulds if you have them, small biscuit cutters.


1.  Mix together the dry ingredients (Flour, cocoa powder, salt and flour).

2.  Add the oil and rub into the dry ingredients.

3.  Stir in the hot water (taking care at this stage not to burn yourself!).  As the water cools, mix and push the dough together with your hands.

4.  Use the dough to play with, or make some pretend chocolates and set up a mini chocolate shop!

Ideas for the shop: play till and money, scales, paper bags or tissue paper, tongs, tea set.

TIP:  Keep the play dough in an air-tight container or tightly tied in a freezer bag and it should last for several weeks (and play sessions!).

Choc play dough blue box



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25 thoughts on “Chocolate play dough

  1. Lovely. Working in Early Years I have made my fair share of play dough. I haven’t tried chocolate for a while so this is a great recipe. I’m interested that you don’t use cream of tartar in your recipe? I always add this as it makes the dough lovely and stretchy! Thanks for posting! #bloggerclubuk


    1. Thanks for your comment! I usually use cream of tartar too, but tried this recipe out when I didn’t have any in the cupboard and it worked fine without (so making it an easier recipe to throw together!).

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  2. I am most definitely bookmarking this one…Emma has just got into play dough but the smell of it is kind of bleurgh at 6am in the morning. But chocolate play dough on the other hand I might be able to work with! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam


  3. Hi Kate, Play-Doh is great stuff, but this would never have worked in our house. If it looks like chocolate & smells like chocolate, Mum’s going to eat it!…. I do like the fact that the ingredients are totally safe, so Mum won’t get sick (unless she eats too much!).
    Fab idea!


    Liked by 1 person

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