Egg box daffodil craft for kids

Egg box daffodil craft

Egg box daffodil craft for kids

The weather is warming up (at last!) and spring flowers are starting to pop out of the ground, so get cutting and sticking with this spring daffodil craft.

It can be used as a spring card, maybe for Easter, (…or Mothers day, hint hint!).  Or just use as a picture to bring spring to your fridge door!

This is the perfect kids craft activity for re-using your recycling before you throw it out.  It looks good whether your kids are patient enough to do a whole bunch of flowers, or if they just have the patience to do just one.

You could use a cereal box instead of buying coloured card, and get busy with the crayons to colour it in.

You will need:

1 egg box (if you can find an orange or yellow one you wont need to paint it).

1 A4 sheet of blue card

1 A4 sheet of green card or paper

1 A4 sheet of yellow card or paper.



egg box daffodils egg box1. Cut the egg box to make some ‘trumpets’ for your daffodils. I used the two centres of mine as they looked quite nice but you could use the dips that the eggs actually sit in.  If your egg box is a non-daffodil colour, then obviously paint it yellow or orange.

egg box daffodils leaves

2. Cut some strips of green for the leaves and stalks.

Egg box daffodils flower

3. Fold your yellow card into four and then draw and cut out the flower shape.  This bit can be done for younger children, but older ones can have a go at doing it themselves.

4. Glue the green leaves and stalks, yellow flowers and egg box trumpets to your blue card.  Stand back and enjoy (or make someones day and give them a card)!

egg box daffodils side

TIP:  Other additions such as torn cotton wool for clouds or brown crinkled tissue paper for soil look good too!





14 thoughts on “Egg box daffodil craft

  1. This is such a cute project Kate and I love that you used egg cartons. Reusing things instead of throwing them away is always good!

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