Meals and Makes felt pizza

No-sew, no-mess play pizza

Felt pizza

My girls and I love making pizzas together, but sometimes we don’t have the time for the mess and planning this needs.  Cue the no-sew, no-mess felt pizza!!  This is very easy to make, and it provides lots of play opportunities.  Being a flat game, it is even something you could put in an envelope and use in a restaurant as entertainment (perhaps while your real pizza is cooking?).

You will need:

dark coloured felt tip or a fabric pencil

felt (black, brown/beige, green, pink, red, white and yellow).  I have found buying a selection pack of A4 sized coloured felt is an economical and easy way of doing this.

empty cereal box (optional)

stiff cardboard

silver foil


toy pizza cutter and rolling pin (I used the ones from our play-dough set)

Chefs hat


  1. With a Felt tip or fabric pencil, draw out the shapes for your ingredients for the Pizza toppings.  These don’t have to be extremely neat, but it might help to draw these out on some card first (an empty cereal box is good for this), then when you have the shapes you want, cut these out and  draw around the cardboard shapes onto the felt.  I have used the following but you could include other family favourite toppings:

Black- Olives (Circles approx. 2Cm diameter with a hole in the middle)

Brown/ beige- Pizza dough (circles approx 20Cm diameter)

Green- Pepper (Strips about 5mm wide and 5Cm long)

Pink- Ham (little circles approx. 1 Cm diameter)

Red- Tomato sauce (wobbly splurges about 5Cm diameter)

White- Mushrooms

Yellow- Cheese, (rough circles approx. 5Cm diameter)

2. Cut the felt out.

3. You might like to make a baking tray for the Pizza to go on; cover a piece of stiff cardboard in silver foil and tape.

4. Lay the different elements out for play.  You could put the different felt ingredients into little bowls (or whatever you normally use when you make a pizza) to make it all a bit more realistic.

For an Italian themed Meal to go with this ‘Make’, try my tomato gnocchi recipe here.

Finished Meals and Makes currant bun

Hot Pink Wellingtons

26 thoughts on “No-sew, no-mess play pizza

  1. This is brilliant! I am planning on making some busy bags and will keep this one in mind for me to make! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  2. I have a soft spot for felt – I loved it as a child and I still do now! These sound like the perfect thing to take out to a restaurant to amuse little hands before the meal arrives – it packs up really small and should hopefully amuse them for a little while. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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