Kids craft activity; water play

Sea small world exploration

Sea small world 2 

Make a sea themed water play and have fun with colour mixing, melting ice, bubbles and more! This fishy small world is a fun invitation to play with lots to explore.  This is best done outside or maybe in the bathroom sink- so that splashes of water don’t end up on the carpet.  If the weather is chilly, using nice warm water makes this a much more enjoyable outdoor activity (which lasts longer too!). 

You will need:

bubble bath or washing up liquid

a tub of warm water

hand whisk

6 plastic cups or bowls

ice cubes


shells/ stones

small plastic sea creatures

blue and green food colouring (beware: this may stain clothes!) or Blue and red would be good (as they mix to make purple).



  1. Put some bubble bath or washing up liquid in to the tub of warm water and give it a whisk to create the bubbles.  My girls enjoy having a go at doing this themselves.
  2. Arrange 6 plastic cups or bowls next to the tub and fill these with; ice cubes, sand, shells/ stones, plastic sea creatures, and food colouring mixed with water (I have used blue and green to give it an ocean feel).
  3. Let kids play and explore by adding the different elements to the water.  Using a pipette for the food colouring means that they can add small amounts of the different colours to the water and watch the colours mixing.

P.S!  In the photo I have used a glass bowl so that you can see whats inside.  In reality I used a large plastic storage tray so that both of my girls had space to play safely (both of them ended up in the tray and soaking wet- great fun but handy to have a towel to hand!).



Real Mum Reviews

8 thoughts on “Sea small world exploration

  1. This looks great, I wanted to do something similar last year you would not believe how difficult it was to find affordable sea creatures…yours looks so much better though! 🙂 Thanks for joining with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, same time next week? x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. You could always use found objects from the beach (the colours of stones and shells look so much better when they get wet, small pieces of driftwood can become interesting as they float rather than sink). You could laminate some hand-drawn pictures of sea creatures instead of buying some (these have the added benefit of sticking to the side of the bath too!).


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