Play dough Christmas decoration craft

Old play dough Christmas decorations

xmas decorations

How about transforming your tired old play dough into spectacular Christmas decorations?  Our play dough always ends up being a murky brown colour and too tough to play with; just the right stuff to be given a Christmas face lift!  These can be easily made by young children and look very effective, hanging on the Christmas tree.  You could also use these as decorations on Christmas presents or added to home made Christmas cards.

You will need:

old play dough

rolling pin

small Christmas cutters (stars, bells, trees, etc but circles and squares would work well too)

pencil or cocktail stick

baking sheet

paint (Christmas colours, such as red, green, gold and white)

glitter and glue

thin ribbon or Christmassy thread


  1. Roll out your old play dough to be about 5mm thick (this does not have to be exact)
  2. Using the Christmas cutters, cut out your christmassy shapes from the play dough.
  3. Make a small hole at the top of each shape with a pencil or a cocktail stick (this is for threading your ribbon.  The dough will shrink a bit as it drys so your hole needs to be slightly larger than the size of the ribbon you have).
  4. Lay the shapes out on the baking sheet.
  5. Put the baking sheet on a radiator or warm airing cupboard and leave them to dry for about 48 hours.  Its probably a good idea to turn these over, half way through the drying process to make sure that both sides of the decoration are fully dried out.
  6. Once the shapes are dry and hard, paint them and decorate them with glitter.  Leave your beautiful creations to dry.
  7. Tie the thread onto the decorations to make a small loop for hanging the decoration on the tree.

TIP:  You could make cute hand print decorations by rolling the dough out , pressing little hands into the dough and then cutting the hands out.

Christmas decorations before paint

And here is a Christmas snack to keep you going.

Christmas fruit


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