Kids craft snow white and the seven dwarves.

Seven dwarves number play

Seven dwarves

Seven dwarves equipment

We have been really enjoying Fairy Tales lately, in particular, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  I have made the girls some simple dwarves, complete with beds and blankets for a bit of numbers/ colour matching.  I have used a shoe box lid because the rest of the box can then be used as the container for the dwarves when the toy is not in use.  The girls have really enjoyed playing with these.  They are quite compact so they are ideal for popping into a hand bag for emergency entertainment on a day out.  This is a great craft activity for children who may like to make their own characters.  Instead of buying felt, you could use the fabric from some old clothes.

You will need:


small pieces of felt (seven colours).  Or some colourful old clothes that you dont need anymore.

seven traditional clothes pegs


felt tip pens

childrens shoe box lid (and box to use as the container).


  1. Using the scissors, cut out some small felt triangles (of seven different colours) and curve round the ‘heads’ of the clothes pegs.  Secure with glue.
  2. Draw little faces on the pegs then using a felt tip of the same colour as the hat, colour in the main part of the peg.  A permanent marker is good for this so that the ink does not rub off on little hands.
  3. Divide the shoe box lid into seven equal portions then glue small strips of card to divide these portions up (the card stops the dwarves from rolling around too much during play).Seven dwarves box
  4. Make little felt blankets (of the same colours as the felt hats) which are the same dimensions as the shoe box portions.  You can then make these as ‘numbery’ as you like, either by leaving the beds and blankets as they are or by writing the numbers/ corresponding dots on the beds/ blankets as per the dwarves bed

TIP:  Maybe invent some other clothes peg characters and stick the felt and fabric on as clothing?

Im sure your dwarves would enjoy some delicious crumble….




18 thoughts on “Seven dwarves number play

  1. This is so cute! I could never come up with things like this – thank goodness for you craft mama’s and your blogs! Thank you for linking up to #TriumphantTales 🙂


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