Alice in Wonderland story sack.

Alice in wonderland story sack

Alice in Wonderland

Story sacks are so quick and easy to put together and really bring books to life for my girls, so I wanted to include at least one in my blog.   

If your are unfamiliar with the idea, you essentially tell a story with a bag of characters and props which you bring out of the bag as they are mentioned in the story.  These help children to understand and enjoy the story even more because they can feel and play with the elements in the book.

You don’t need to buy a lot of things for this as you can often use items already in the toy box, or from around the house.  If you are feeling creative you could make some characters out of felt, or simply print off some pictures and cut these out.  You can really go to town with the scenery (how about using the sandpit with a blue fabric for a story on a beach, or a box of soil with mini veggies for a farm?!).

As it is the 150th Anniversary of the book, we have been enjoying a simplified version of Alice in Wonderland recently, heres what we used to bring the story off the page:

1. Salt dough tarts:  These were fun to make with my daughters and also double up nicely for cafe/ shop role play (so very handy for the holidays!).  You can use biscuit cutters which make the finished product more realistic.

We made some tarts by rolling out the dough and cutting with pastry cutters.  We then put these into a cake tin so that there were individual tart cases.  We filled these cases with more dough (small rolled up balls).  Once cooked and cooled, we painted the contents of the tarts red to give the effect of a fruit filling.

2. Props: Tea cups and teapot, top hat, plastic mushroom, Cake with ‘eat me’ written on and bottle with ‘drink me’.

3. Characters: Queen of hearts, white rabbit, Blue caterpillar, cheshire cat.

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6 thoughts on “Alice in wonderland story sack

  1. This is such a lovely way to get children engaging with a story I love it fab idea I am going to look at some of the girls favourite books and see how we could give it a try! Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner


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