Mermaids cave

Make a mermaids cave to eat your tea in!  This is nice as an outdoor activity (add paddling pool for a genuine splash!), but can also be a handy rainy day standby for the holidays.  It does not need any special equipment and it is something that can keep kids busy for hours.

You will need:

Cardboard (coloured card is best but the backs of cereal packets work well).

Pens/ pencils and decorations

Blue fabric (scarves/ blankets/ shirts).

Clothes airer or similar.


  1. Cut some fish and other sea creatures out of the cardboard.  Kids might like to colour these in and decorate them with sequins, tissue paper, glitter etc.
  2. Drape your blue fabric over the clothes airer or similar to make a blue tent (or mermaids cave).
  3. Tape the sea creatures to the blue fabric to give it an underwater feel.
  4. You could enhance your cave by adding a mermaids treasure chest (see make 9), tissue paper seaweed and sea shells/ pebbles.  This is a lovely reading den for you favourite sea related story books!

Mermaids cave

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