Secret garden treasure box

Secret garden treasure boxThis is a nice outdoor activity, just right for keeping kids amused while the BBQ heats up.  It is also easy inside (using play dough as a base), for rainy days.

You will need:

Wooden kebab sticks or straws

Pictures of flowers (from seed catalogues, magazines etc)

Sticky tape

Found objects (stones, shells, cuttings from the garden)

Paper flowers on sticks


  1. Make some of your own plants by cutting out flower pictures and sticking to cut down kebab sticks or straws.  Older children might like to help with this whereas younger children might enjoy finding a treasure box with the elements already there.
  2. Stick the flowers into a small area in your garden, play dough, or a pot with soil in it to make a nice arrangement
  3. You could also add silk flowers or cuttings of real flowers and plants/ stones collected from the garden to add interest.

Secret garden


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