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Secret garden treasure box

Secret garden treasure box

Enjoy the blooms of summer with this little craft activity that will help to keep the kids quiet over the summer holidays.  This works equally well as an indoor or  outdoor activity (just right for keeping children amused while the BBQ heats up).   If you are doing this inside, on a rainy day, just use play dough as a base.  Its a good use for a seed catalogue or magazine that would otherwise be put in the recycling.

You will need:

Pictures of flowers (from seed catalogues, magazines etc; there are plenty of flower photos all over the place at this time of year once you start looking….).


Wooden kebab sticks or straws (green pipe cleaners would work well too- and look like stems!).

sticky tape

Found objects (stones, shells, cuttings from the garden).  Also silk flowers.

An empty treasure box to put it all in.


  1. Make some of your own plants by cutting out flower pictures from the seed catalogues or magazines.  The cutting out does need to be perfectly neat, just rough shapes are effective.  The occasional bird or rabbit picture can be cute to use as well!
  2. Cut the kebab sticks or straws so that they are about 5-10 Cm in length.
  3. Stick the pictures onto the sticks with tape.  Older children might like to help with this.  Younger children might enjoy finding a treasure box with the elements already made.
  4. Stick the flowers into a small area in your garden, or alternatively, use play dough, or a pot with soil in it.  Enjoy adding the different garden elements to the space and re-arranging them as you please.
  5. You could also add silk flowers or cuttings of real flowers and plants and perhaps stones or empty snail shells collected from the garden to add interest and texture and make the garden more realistic.

Secret garden
Double the Monkey Business

31 thoughts on “Secret garden treasure box

    1. Thanks for your comment Louisa. Yes its a nice alternative to a fairy garden (that could be kept out of reach of the dog!). Your girls could always draw some little fairy pictures to add too?


  1. What a great idea for a quick and seasonal activity. I’m sure lots of children would love to play with this, and using different pictures you could have so many variations. #FabFridayPost


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