Family picnic foods

Picnic foods

picnic foods

Summer is here and its picnic season, so whether we are outside in the sunshine or enjoying an indoor picnic on a blanket, on the floor of the dining room, here are some tasty ideas which we like the best and which offer an alternative to sandwiches and crisps (in no particular order):

  1. Avocado, chicken and mayo wraps:  Into a wrap; layer slices of cooked chicken, with sliced avocado (sprinkle lemon juice or vinegar over the avocado slices to stop them going brown), a bit of seasoning and a good dollop of mayonnaise.
  1. Vegetable dipping sticks and pittas with dips. Cut some  finger sized sticks of cucumber, peeled carrot, celery, and pepper then use them to eat my green pea dip (below).
  1. Potato tortilla:  Mix slices of peeled, cooked potato with egg and seasoning then fry in a pan until the egg is cooked through.
  1. Babybels: Kids seem to love these.  I think it is largely to do with the cute size of these cheeses and the process of unwrapping them.  Anyway, they are always a must-have for our picnics!
  1. Cold pizza:  Or as an alternative, these cheese and ham tarts are delicious hot or cold and travel well.
  1. Cous cous:  I love cous cous cooked with chicken stock rather than just water, the savoury flavour soaks into the cous cous really well.  Sprinkle in a few dried fruits and some chopped herbs.  Here I have added dried cherries and chunks of feta.  Its also really nice with falafel.
  1. Twiglets:  My daughters called these ‘cat biscuits’ when they were small (because the tops of lots of the twiglets look like cat heads!!).  These are super as a non-greasy alternative to crisps.  Popcorn is also a good.
  1. Mango mess in a jar or tuppaware:  This is a very transportable pudding because the meringue is broken anyway so it can withstand a bit of travelling.
  1. Jam jar jelly:  Fun wobbly puddings into which you could add chopped fruit.
  1. Chopped papaya with toasted sesame and poppy seeds

Green pea dip:


100g peas

1tbsp cream cheese

1tbsp olive oil


1.Cook the peas in a pan of boiling water.

2.Drain the peas then leave to cool (you can speed this up by running the peas under cold water).

3.Add the cream cheese and olive oil to the peas, season, then blend until you have a smooth dip.

TIP: You can add a bit more flavour with a garnish of chopped fresh mint.


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13 thoughts on “Picnic foods

  1. I totally need to get more inventive with picnic foods although Twiglets Ard just a massive no no for us!! You really can’t beat a good sandwich though, although might have to try some dips next time we picnic. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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