Family picnic games

Picnic games

Family picnic games

Hooray for summer, when we can spend much more time outside and while away the warm days in the park with friends.  Im a big fan of outdoor eating and picnics in general.  Picnics provide plenty of opportunity for outdoor fun and games.  Here are some simple ideas, in no particular order) that don’t need much equipment (because the picnic itself is enough to pack and carry).

1.  Ball games such as football or catch.

2.  Hide and seek or sardines (similar to hide and seek but one person hides and everyone else has to individually find them.  If you find the person who is hiding, you hide with them.  The last person to find everyone is the next person to hide).

3.  Kites (if the weather allows),

4.  Bug hunt:  See how many insects and bugs you can find and name.  Its surprising how much variety you can find just in a local park, such as: ants, snails, worms, ladybirds.

5.  Water bottle skittles (Use your plastic drinks bottles as the skittles and try to knock these over with a ball),

6.  Treasure hunt,

7.  Leaf/ stick picture: collect some nice leaves and sticks and use these to make a picture on the grass. Take a photo of it to take home,

8.  Build a den (using sticks and the picnic blanket),

9.  Whats the time Mr wolf: a playground classic which gives some counting practice too,

10.  Kims game:  Select 10 items from your bags (for example a coin, keys, sandwich, fruit etc) and place on the ground in a group, give children 1 minute to memorise these (younger children might need you to name and talk about each one in turn), then cover the items with the picnic blanket and see who can remember the most.  If this is too easy/ difficult, you could increase/ decrease the number of items.

What are your favourites?


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10 thoughts on “Picnic games

  1. These are great games, mine love picnics so will use this list next time we are out enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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