Kids craft fishing pond

Fishing pond

Kids craft fishing pond

Make a fishing pond to play with.  This is very easy to set up and can be done either inside or outside.  It is a fun game to play with a couple of children as they can practice taking turns.  Or, make two fishing rods and turn it into a race to catch the most fish.  This can easily be made into a kids craft activity, by getting them to  decorate their own fish.

You will need:

coloured cardboard (or an empty cereal packet works well!)


decorations including: Felt tips, crayons, paint, sequins, tissue paper, glue, stickers.

paperclips (at least one per fish you are going to make)

tin foil or blue fabric


sturdy stick (about 50Cm long)

string (about 50Cm long)

magnet (in a shape that can be securely tied)


For the fish:

  1. Draw out some fish outlines onto the cardboard, and cut these out with the scissors.
  2. Decorate the fish.  Kids could decorate their own for example with felt-tips/ paint/ sequins/ tissue paper.
  3. Add a paperclip or two to each fish (so that it can be picked up by the magnet).

For the pond:

  1. Shape the foil or blue fabric into a pond shape on the floor then surround with pebbles (to give your pond a realistic edge).
  1. Place your fish in the pond.

For the rod:

  1. Make a fishing rod by tying one end of the string to the end of the stick and the other end of the string to a magnet- and go fishing!  (you might like to omit the stick for the safety of younger anglers).

You could practice number or letter recognition by writing these on the underside of the fish.  Kids can have a go at saying the number or letter on the fish that they catch.

Note:  Magnets are dangerous if swallowed, so supervision is needed at all times!




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24 thoughts on “Fishing pond

  1. I love this, it looks so effective and I can see it being great fun to play. We have done something similar using bracken as fish and sticky weed for rods, a great nature alternative. Do join me for Trash 2 Treasure. Popping by from #LetKidsbeKids

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  2. Thia looks like a great craft activity for kids to get involved in with a very usable end product. #bigpinklink


  3. This looks like so much fun. I think I’ll be back over the summer hols as I know my two will love it and it’s a great way to sneak in a bit of stealth learning at the same time hehe. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x


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