Pirate treasure craft.

Pirate treasure

Pirate treasure

Ahoy me hearties! Make treasure chests and maps for your tropical coconut islands (aka ‘the sitting room’) and go hunting for treasure.  Be sure to watch out for giant squid (aka ‘the dog’)!  I like this kids craft activity because it finds a use for an egg box.  Also, there are several different things that kids can get involved with.  It is a good activity for the holidays.

For your treasure chest:

You will need:

an empty egg box or small cardboard box,

brown paint,

split pins

decorations (gold or yellow card).


  1. Paint your egg box with brown paint then leave it to dry.
  2. Use split pins and card to decorate the box (the split pins look like gold tacks and give it a more ‘realistic’ look).

For your treasure map:

You will need:

3 tea bags (used ones are fine, but you might need a couple more)

a baking tray,

hot (just boiled) water,

white paper

felt tips/ pencil crayons.


  1. Put several tea bags in a baking tray and add hot water.  Stir well.  Once the water is a nice dark colour, remove the tea bags.
  2. Fold or crinkle up some white paper, tear the edges to make it look old.
  3. Soak the paper in the tray of tea for several hours or until the paper has a brown stain.
  4. Dry the paper (hanging this up outside is best as the paper may drip brown tea).
  5. Draw a treasure map on the paper using felt tips/ pencil crayons.

For your treasure (adults only):

You will need:

Clean milk carton lids,

gold spray paint (NOTE: make sure the paint is acrylic based or suitable for use on plastics- otherwise the paint may rub off – as per my first attempt at this!!),



  1. Spray the lids and pebbles with gold spray paint to look like coins and gold nuggets (this is not a very child friendly activity because it is smelly and messy, so best done by adults only).  I do this outside, with plenty of newspaper on the floor.
  2. Leave to dry
  3. Hide the ‘treasure’ around a room in your home or in the garden or park for kids to hunt for.  Depending on the age of the children, you could make this more challenging by drawing a map of your house/ garden and send your young pirates off on a treasure hunt.

TIP: If you are feeling generous, you could add some chocolate gold coins to the haul of treasure…


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22 thoughts on “Pirate treasure

  1. How cute! My coworker Rick had a pirate-themed party for his 50th birthday, and his wife took a page out of your book in planning in. It was 3 years ago, and my daughters still talk about it!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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  2. We have done this very same thing in activity hour here on the farm, except I used painted egg carton pieces as jewels and foil cover card as coins. I love your gold treasure and the use of the pins on the treasure chest. I think this would make a wonderful home birthday party activity. Such a great craft for boys or girls and plenty of imaginative play to follow. Thank you so much for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t coloured paper with tea bags since I had to do it for a school project. It’s a great idea for a treasure map. I love the treasure box too, it looks just like a real one. Thank you for joining us at #CraftyCorner

    Liked by 1 person

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