Grow your own beanstalk

Grow your own beanstalk

Grow your own beanstalk

Kids can learn about where food comes from and grow their own beanstalk at home.  Growing the bean in a clear jar, rather than soil means that children can see the development of the roots as well as the shoots and leaves.  Jack’s beanstalk kit includes everything you need to grow a beanstalk on your windowsill.

The kids craft kit includes; Organic beans, grow pad and plastic jar.  Also a mini cardboard house, crayons, full instructions and two bean recipes.

Have fun with science: Follow the growth of your seed with the clear diagrams and learn about germination.  There are three seeds included so you could set  up a competition in your family and see whose bean grows the tallest!- who knows, you might find a giant at the top of the tallest one!  Once the beans get too big for the jar, they can be planted in a sunny spot outside.

You can also make a mini ‘Jacks house’ and colour it in with the crayons.

Encourage kids to munch on beans at teatime with the delicious bean recipes.

Bean squeak

Once you have finished with your jar, why not re-use it for one of the following:

  1. Its an ideal container for beads, sequins and other small craft items.
  2. Decorate the jar by glueing torn up pieces of colourful tissue paper to the outside, then use this as a pen holder.
  3. A mini wormery: Fill with soil, add a few worms and top with brown leaves (for the worms to eat!).  Create a removable tube to cover the jar (worms prefer hiding in the dark).  Watch and wait as the worms create corridors in the soil.  Remember to return the worms to the garden after a couple of weeks.
  4. Go pond dipping and use the jar to collect and observe your mini creatures (Remember to put them back after you have had a good look).
  5. Use to mix a magic potion- how about adding some food colouring, bubble bath and glitter to warm water.
  6. Put some small, plastic toys in the jar and fill it with water.  Freeze this overnight and explore freezing/ melting.



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