Potato printing

Potato stamps

Potato printing

Taking inspiration from the beautiful stamped fabric made in India, make your own vegetable stamps to create patterns and printed pictures.  Fussy eaters can enjoy having fun and engaging with veggies without the pressure of eating them.

This is a great craft activity for kids of all ages.  Here I have used new potatoes, which are easy for small hands to grip.  The pattern on the potato does not have to be complicated, simple shapes will create a nice piece of artwork!  Older children might like to draw their own design on the potato for you to cut out (or have a go at careful cutting themselves if they (you) are feeling brave!).  laminate your finished, dried picture then use as a plate mat for your dinner table.  You never know, this might encourage fidgety eaters to stay a little bit longer at ‘their’ place.

wooden printing block

Potato print paint

You will need:

Chopping board

Small sharp knife

A few new potatoes (or other hard vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, swede etc).

Paint poured onto some margarine or ice-cream tub lids.  In these pictures I have used some stamping sponges which we happened to have in the cupboard, but the margarine tub lids work well too.

Lots of paper!  (I did this with my girls last summer, outside, with a long sheet of wallpaper on the patio which was good fun, plus they could wash off in the paddling pool, keeping the paint out of the house!)!


  1. On a chopping board, a knife, cut some new potatoes in half, then carve some simple shapes (so that the shapes stick up and can collect some paint).
  2. Dip your potato stamps into the paint then create some artwork.
  3. Leave the artwork to dry then laminate or cover with sticky backed plastic.  Use as plate mats on your dinner table and enjoy a tasty Indian inspired curry on your Indian inspired plate mat!

Tip: These stamps work well with other veggies, like carrots or parsnips.  Explore printing patterns with broccoli florets or an apple cut horizontally (to make the core into a star shape).

Indian craftsman printing fabric with a wooden printing block
Indian craftsman printing fabric with a wooden printing block
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