Dinosaur small world play

Dinosaur land small world play

Dinosaur small world play

Make a Jurassic land for your plastic dinosaurs.  Place rocks, sand and sticks in a tray or on a large baking sheet and let your imagination run wild!  This  is a lovely imaginary/ small world play activity.  My girls always enjoy creating these little worlds and seem to find it quite a relaxing game.  Its a nice outdoor activity if the weather is good.  You can make this into a craft activity too, by getting the kids to help with making the Jurassic trees and the cave.

You will need:

Sand/ soil/ stones or coloured paper

Rocks and stones

Leaves and sticks (or you could use shredded green paper)

Tub of water or silver foil

Play dough or plasticine

Brown felt tip

Empty toilet roll tube


Green paper or tissue paper

Sticky tape

Plastic dinosaurs


  1. Put sand or stones on a tea tray or baking tray as a base for the land (or use coloured paper, for example green, brown or yellow) if you want to keep things cleaner).
  2. Add Rocks, plants sticks, leaves etc for the dinosaurs to hide behind.
  3. Include a tub of water (as a lake) for the dinosaurs to go swimming in, or just use a cut piece of silver foil if you want to keep things dry!
  4. Use play dough or plasticine to make a cave mans cave:  Roll lots of chunks of play dough into balls (also known as mini rocks!), then pile them onto each other and squish them together to make a cave.
  5. Make some Jurassic trees: Make some bark-like squiggles on an empty toilet roll tube using a brown felt tip.  Next, with the scissors, cut some strips of green paper.  Put the strips into the top of the up-turned toilet roll tube and secure with tape.
  6. Get the dinosaurs out and play!
Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

22 thoughts on “Dinosaur land small world play

  1. We went to a science education event where they had 3 different “environments” for dinosaur figures to be hidden in. Tall vegetation (long grass), short vegetation (short grass) and scrub. They had the children figure out which toys were better hidden in each. It was a huge hit! #TwinklyTuesday


  2. This is a great idea. The kids could make a scene in the garden and play outside this summer! #MMBC


  3. I love this. I used to make beaches like this out of playdoh when I was little! Little Man has so many dinosaurs and I know he would love this. One to remember! #familyfun


  4. Gosh where do you get your ideas from? I am always so impressed. My boy loves dinosaurs and this would be a fab activity for him. One I could rustle up as well, I shall be pinning this (as always lol)! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun


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