Meals and Makes Moroccan lamp finished

Moroccan style paper lamps

Meals and Makes Moroccan lamp finished

Make a Moroccan style lamp out of cardboard.  Decorate your dinner table and bring some of the colour and magic of Morocco into your dining room as you eat.  Choose rich and vibrant colours, with reflective sequins for sparkle.  This is a simple kids craft activity which is very easy to throw together, but looks very effective.  You could use this idea for a Chinese New Year lantern (using red and gold paper) or perhaps a Christmas decoration.

You will need:

A4 Colourful paper

Sticky tape

A4 coloured card (I have used silver)


Ruler (if you want to be really accurate, but you can do it without)


Decorations such as: Sequins, tissue paper, glitter, fuzzy balls, straws, felt tips, dried pasta (whatever you happen to have about the house) etc

Moroccan lamps


1. Take 1 piece of colourful paper and cut it so that it is 18Cm x 21.7Cm (see Image a).

purple paper
Image a

2. Curl the long edge round and roll the paper into a tube (so the tube is 18Cm long) and secure with sticky tape (see Image b).

Image b
Image b

3. Take 1 piece of A4 coloured card.  Fold this card in half lengthways then fold back the long edges by 2.5Cm (see Image c).

Image c
Image c

4. Cut strips (roughly 2Cm) across the centre of the fold of the cardboard, going up to the 2.5Cm fold- do not cut all the way to the edge of the card- (see Image d).

Silver card Moroccan lamps
Image d

5. Open the folded and cut card out then bend this around the paper tube, secure it to the tube with sticky tape (see Image e).

Moroccan lamp
Image e

6. Decorate your lamp with sequins/tissue paper/ glitter and make a handle with a small strip of card.

Moroccan lamp

Please note, these are only made from cardboard and paper so they are for decoration only (obviously it is not safe to put any lighting inside them!!).scarves in Morocco



16 thoughts on “Moroccan style paper lamps

  1. So funny you posted this as I made one of these with my kids at school today! They are so easy to make and kids love them don’t they? Thank you so much for sharing in #KidsCorner x


  2. This is so cute! I LOVE crafts but I have zero creativity myself, so glad I discovered your blog 😉 #familyfun


  3. ooooh these are very nice and surprisingly simple, I think even I could manage them with my two! Thank you thats a great craft idea. Thanks for sharing it at #familyfun


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