Japanese cherry blossom trees

 Cherry blossom

Welcome the bloom-filled joy of spring into your home and have fun with this pretty (yet glue free!) kids craft activity.  This very simple, but effective craft is inspired by the beautiful, seasonal cherry blossom of Japan. Make some cute mini blossom trees to decorate your dining table or mantlepiece.  Hurrah for flowers that you don’t need to remember to water!!

You will need:

Small cardboard flower pots or empty, clean, dry yoghurt pots (you might want to cover these in foil or tissue paper to make them look a bit nicer).

A selection of small sticks (a good excuse for a little spring-time walk in the park!).  If you can find ones with lots of off-shoots, these are best as there is plenty of opportunity for adding blossom.

Pink tissue paper (or other colours if you prefer!)


  1. Take a small flower pot or yoghurt pot.  Turn it upside down and make some small holes in the base (which is now the top!).
  2. Put the sticks into the holes so that they create a tree effect.cherry blossom a
  3. Have fun tearing up the tissue paper into small pieces (very roughly, the size of a 10p but its not an exact science).  Doing rough tears, rather than cutting the tissue paper gives it a much softer edge to the blossom.
  4. Wind the small pieces of pink tissue paper round each twig for blossom.  Squeezing and twisting the paper should make it stay in place.  The more little trees you make, the more impact this has.  You could try using other spring colours such as yelllow and baby blue (although not strictly accurate!) for the blossom.

Cherry blossom b

Tip:  You could use a ball of play dough or plasticine covered in foil, instead of the pots.  This would make this craft activity easier for smaller children to put the sticks in and decorate.

cherry blossom and blue sky


10 thoughts on “Japanese cherry blossom trees

  1. What a lovely idea! We are going to be doing flowes as our weekly theme next week, may have to steal this! Thank you for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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