Pasta sensory play

Pasta play

Pasta sensory play

This is a nice rainy day activity for young children.  My girls have enjoyed this sort of play since they were very small.  I have a bag of some very cheap pasta in the cupboard which we use for this (as it can be used more than once).  The penne has the added benefit that it can be threaded as well as driven through! I like using the pasta because it is fairly large, so it is not too much of a headache to clean up afterwards (unlike cous cous which finds its way into all of the corners of the house!).  In fact, kids can even help with this (if your lucky…)!  

Its a nice open ended sensory play activity for kids that is not messy.  It is also very cheap and can take many forms (see list below).  This is probably best just done on the floor.

It is good for entertaining kids of different ages (the older ones can thread while the younger ones just explore with a cup).  

You will need:

Leftover, uncooked Penne from the Hearty pork and beans recipe (or any other sort of pasta shapes).

A roasting tin or tea tray or similar

small plastic pots/ cups/ bowls/ clean and dry yoghurt pots

Diggers/ toy cars/ trains etc

Small plastic animals or people

Cooking pans/ colander/ wooden spoons

laces or wool

Paper/ glue/ felt-tips/ paints and brushes


Put the leftover, uncooked Penne from the Hearty pork and beans recipe into a roasting tin or tea tray and use as a sensory base for any or all of the following ideas:

  1. Explore the science of filling/ pouring with bowls, cups and pots
  2. Base or surface for driving toy cars and filling toy diggers
  3. lucky dip or imaginary play base for small plastic animals and people
  4. Imaginary play (cooking, stirring) with pots, pans and a few wooden spoons
  5. Simple threading activity with laces or wool (you could decorate your necklace with felt tips).
  6. Turn this into a kids craft activity by making 3D pictures: Sticking the pasta onto paper with glue.  You could also paint the pasta or colour it in with felt tips.


My Petit Canard

Pink Pear Bear

8 thoughts on “Pasta play

  1. This is fab! I’ve so enjoyed sensory play with my two, my favourite has always been dry spaghetti and colanders, it just seemed to entertain them for ages! Thanks so much for linking up xx #FriYAYLinky


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