Vegetable animals and characters

Vegetable animals


Vegetable animals and characters

Encourage an enjoyment of vegetables by making them into fun animals.  Use whatever is lurking in the bottom of the fridge and hold it all together with cocktail sticks.  Bring your characters to life with some wobbly eyes and ‘ta da’ you have a veggitastic zoo!  

This is a very simple, but effective kids craft activity.  Its a good one for fussy eaters as they can have fun with their food (but don’t have to eat it).  This is an easy rainy day activity (or something to do while on holiday) as it doesn’t really need any special equipment and it doesn’t make too much mess either.

You will need:

Cocktail sticks (or you could use uncooked spaghetti if you don’t have any cocktail sticks)

leftover, uncooked, vegetables (such as broccoli, carrots, potato, Mange tout, Parsnip, cauliflower, radishes, chunks of butternut squash, sweet potato, sprouts, beans, sweetcorn, peas)

Goggley eyes


  1. Cut the cocktail sticks or hard spaghetti into small pieces.
  2. Help kids to create their own animals or characters by connecting the vegetables together with cocktail sticks (let your imagination run wild!).
  3. Finally, stick on the eyes to ‘bring the characters to life’.

Tip:  Herbs such as dill and chive make great ‘hair’ if you happen to have some growing.  You could also add more features to your characters with felt-tip pens or plasticine.  Younger children can join in by making flat characters on a tray, with slices of vegetables (rather than dealing with the tricky cocktail sticks).

You could easily do this with fruit instead of vegetables, constructing characters with chunks of melon, apples, orange segments etc and eating them for pudding.  Mini marshmallows, raisins or blueberries all make excellent edible eyes.

Of course, supervision and care is needed in using the cocktail sticks!!

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