Potato and onion oven bake

Happy new year!  With frosty mornings and chilly nights, my girls need hot and filling meals to keep them energised.  This is a ‘throw it in the oven and get on with something else’ sort of  recipe.  Its an ideal supper to follow the excesses of Christmas because it is very cheap to make.  It uses ingredients that are probably already lurking in the cupboard … Continue reading Potato and onion oven bake

Meals and Makes Popping bonfire toffee cakes

Popping bonfire toffee cakes

Whoosh, pop, bang!  With bonfire night looming; make these (gently) explosive treats to keep you going, while you stand outside and wait for the fireworks to be lit.  Guaranteed make any firework party go with a…’pop’!!  This might not be the best recipe to cook with kids- as the toffee gets so hot- but they can help with the garnish and will enjoy eating it! … Continue reading Popping bonfire toffee cakes

No-sew, no-mess play pizza

My girls and I love making pizzas together, but sometimes we don’t have the time for the mess and planning this needs.  Cue the no-sew, no-mess felt pizza!!  This is very easy to make, and it provides lots of play opportunities.  Being a flat game, it is even something you could put in an envelope and use in a restaurant as entertainment (perhaps while your … Continue reading No-sew, no-mess play pizza

Dharling dhal

This Darling Dhal uses lots of vegetables.  I freeze it because the dhal can work well as a lunch standby too.  The yoghurt dip provides a cool, fresh contrast to the warmly spiced dish.  The toasted naan bread makes it a diptastic tea.  I also like to eat this with Mango chutney. Suitable for freezing Preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients For the Dhal: 1 … Continue reading Dharling dhal